Your camera is merely a tool

Author: Vicki Uthe

Does anyone else ever get irritated with the following comment? “Wow!  What a beautiful photograph! Did YOU take that? You must have a really nice camera.” That’s like saying, “Thank you for the lovely meal, it was delicious.  You must have a really nice…oven!”


Never forget, your camera is merely a tool.  How the photographer uses the tool is what makes the beautiful photograph.  So please, never do the reverse and tell someone who compliments you, “Thanks, I have a nice camera.”  Take pride and ownership of your craft, talent and abilities.


The following photos were all taken with a Canon point and shoot.  I’ve been through several Canon Elph series cameras and currently have the S-120 but they are all still pocket cameras.  As a travel photographer I love this size for its convenience and safety.  Safety meaning I don’t have a large, obvious camera hanging from my shoulder that is easy to steal.

Get out there with your little camera, experiment with angles, lighting and distance and have fun shooting!

Vicki Uthe is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.