Worried About Someone Stealing Your Online Images?

By Sara Goodnick

Monitoring Program Protects Your Images from Unauthorized Use and Theft

Monument Valley

A few years ago I learned that several friends had discovered one or more of their images had been stolen and were being used by others, for profit.  It has been a long arduous journey to improve our copyright protection, and even now, registering one’s images with the U.S. Copyright office is a big chore.

There is now a wonderful solution to all of this, and at its basic level is FREE! Pixsy is a platform designed to monitor and protect your images daily. This is what they do:

Monitor where your images are used online

Resolve and recover compensation from image theft (for a % of recovery compensation)

Register your photos for added protection

Integrations with one-click connection to your favorite sites

SM at White Sands

Pricing runs from free for up to 500 images being monitored, $19/month for 2,000 images, $39/month for 30,000 images, and to $89/month for 100,000 images.

I signed up for their free program and connected the image upload to my website. Within minutes I had an email giving me results. There were multiple uses in several countries. I was able to click on various boxes and see my images with a link to who was using them. One was being used in Germany, another in Russia, and a few more in the United States.

As I clicked on the links, I could click on the choices, “Take Action”, “Flag”, or “Ignore”. I found and clicked “Ignore” on the ones linked to my AHPS Blog posts but am stumped by one in Germany and the one in Russia. I flagged those and plan to do more research.

Here is the link to Pixsy for you to do some research for yourselves:


Sara Goodnick is a Photo Guide with Arizona Highways PhotoScapes.