Why I Enjoy Being a Photo Guide with AHPS

By Jeff Insel

I’ve been a volunteer Photo Guide with Arizona Highways PhotoScapes (formerly Photo Workshops) for over 7 years now. I submitted an application after participating in a 4 day workshop at the Grand Canyon. I’ve always enjoyed photography since I was young but had never taken it seriously until I became much older and decided it was a hobby I wished o become better at. That first workshop opened up a whole new world for me, and being able to join such an organization as AHPS has really enriched my life as well.

At AHPS I get to work with world class photographers, share amazing locations with participants, assist in their photographic learning and provide a totally immersive experience.  It’s exciting to see participants get great photos and learn something new to help them get better photos.

The volunteers at AHPS all share similar desires to share their experience and continue learning along with the participants we get to meet and work with.

We are fortunate to have an outstanding Executive Director and office staff who are committed to putting together incredible workshops, pairing up outstanding photographer/instructors, organizing the logistics, communicating with 35+ volunteer Photo Guides, providing ongoing training, putting out marketing newsletters, social media and developing a new website. They also do this with a positive and friendly can do attitude.

As a volunteer Photo Guide, we assist in communicating workshop information and details with our participants through welcome letters, emails and phone calls; research sunrise/sunset times, weather forecasts and follow up on some of the logistical planning details, find restaurants at our workshop locations; get certified in First Aid/CPR; sometimes drive vans and run computers and projectors for critique sessions.

And the best reward – I’ve made a lot of new friends both Photo Guides and participants.

Jeff Insel is a Volunteer Photo Guide with Arizona Highways PhotoScapes