When the photo opportunity is right…..

Author:  David Halgrimson

One thing I have found is that when a photo opportunity is right, it hits you like “Wow this is good”, right then is the time to drop everything listen, observe, take your time if possible and get the shot. We all see things whether it is a planned shoot or just something spontaneous but it grabs us and we feel it in our bones. It does not happen every day, week, month but when it happens we just know. It’s not because of owning great equipment, it’s not because we got it technically, it is just that gut feeling, that “Wow”. If it has not happened for you yet, keep at it, it will come, just beware it does not happen often but the more you work at it the more chances you will have. I have been on week long shoots where nothing has inspired me but then that one shot comes up and your whole being lights up and you can’t wait to get home and see the image large on your computer screen. That’s what keeps serious photographers going and if you play golf it is the same thing as getting that one shot out of eighteen holes that brings you back. It can’t be beat!

© David Halgrimson

I have worked with and watched many professional photographers and I can see the excitement in their eyes, actions when that, “got it” hits, the energy changes not just for them but for everyone around them. I have had that feeling and it is unexplainable, beautiful and powerful and I could see others with me when they see what I got.

If it hasn’t happened for you yet, just keep shooting, keep looking, where ever you are there are things of beauty waiting for you to capture it for yourself and others.

Here are a few of my trophies two of which were winners in high profile magazines and the others winners in competition.

© David Halgrimson
© David Halgrimson
© David Halgrimson

David Halgrimson is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.