Top 10 things you should know to get the most out of your Arizona Highways Photo Workshop

Author:  Christina Heinle

  1. You’ve signed up for an AHPW workshop to capture great pictures and your photographer has scoped out some great locations.  The best way to get great pictures is knowing your equipment. If you have a new camera make sure you take it out of the box before class and play with it.  Remember to bring the camera manual. If you’ve rented a lens, get it a couple days prior so you can be familiar with it.
  2. Keep an open mind, have a good attitude and be flexible.  The goal of the photographer and trip leaders is to give the students a fantastic experience and go home with great photographs.  To do this there may be changes in the workshop, such as a change in shooting locations or changes to meeting times.
  3. Understand some things are outside of anyone’s control.  A vehicle may break down or the weather may not cooperate.  Make the best out of it.  If the vehicle breaks down, take out the macro lens and look for things to shoot.  If the weather is bad, it’s a great chance to pull out your rain gear and capture storm clouds. Just make sure you’re safe and aware of your surroundings (this is true anytime you’re out shooting).
  4. You will be chasing the light which in the summer in Arizona means early mornings and late evenings.  Expect to miss out on your beauty sleep in return to capture awesome pictures.
  5. In conjunction with sleep habits being disrupted during a photo workshop, you’re meal times will also be at odd times.  In order to chase the light, you may be eating breakfast late or dinner very early/late.   On an Arizona Highways Photo Workshop the trip leader will have snacks but if you need more substance, feel free to bring your own snacks to tide you over till the next meal.
  6. The temperature will vary throughout the day.  Bring layers of clothing with you.  You can always leave the extra clothes in the car.
  7. Take advantage of the critiques. You have a world class photographer at your fingertips who is happy to talk about your photos. Bring photos with you (either printed or digital on a thumb drive) to discuss during feedback sessions.
  8. Don’t be afraid to speak up.  If you have questions or need more one-on-one time, ask the photographer or trip leaders.
  9. Bring your childlike curiosity.  You never know what you’ll learn or who you will learn from. Everyone is at a different experience level and you can learn a lot from other participants in the class just like they will learn from you.
  10. Don’t be lazy.  It’s too easy to talk yourself out of changing a lens or climbing on the ground for that shot.

Christina Heinle is a trip leader for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.