Top 10 things to bring with you on a photo workshop

Author: Christina Heinle

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things to bring on a photo workshop, outside of your camera, of course!

  1. The best lens for the workshop.  If you’re on a wildlife or birding workshop, a zoom lens (300+) will give you the best results.  For a landscape workshop, a wide angle lens will allow you to capture the sweeping landscapes.  You can always rent lenses for workshops.  Just get it a couple days prior to give yourself a chance to play with the lens.
  2. A tall, sturdy tripod.
  3. Spare camera battery and battery charger
  4. Flashlight or headlamp- used for early morning or late evening walks from/to the car, looking for stuff in your bag and for light painting at night.
  5. Snacks – while on an Arizona Highways Photo Workshop there will be snacks available but maybe they don’t have your favorite chocolate bar.
  6. Wired or wireless shutter release or know how to use the timer on the camera.
  7. Cleaning cloths to wipe off dust and clean your lens. It can get dirty out in the field.
  8. Lens caps and the cap for the camera. You may want to separate the camera from the lens and you’ll want to keep the sensor clean.
  9. Filters: Depending on the type of workshop you’re on, filters can enhance your photograph.  Bring your ND filter, graduated filter and/or polarizer.
  10. If you’re expecting rain, bring rain gear for yourself and your camera and pack an extra pair of socks in case your feet get wet.