The Van Gogh Phoenix Art Exhibit

By Jeff Insel

We visited this new exhibit in Scottsdale at the Lighthouse Artspace this week. This is an immersive Van Gogh art experience that has become a “hot ticket” in major markets this year. In the words of the Arizona Republic, the Artspace has been transformed with Van Gogh’s paintbrush in a swirl of colors with more than 90,000,000 pixels of animations projected 360 degrees throughout the halls and floors. The paintings seem to meld from one to another seamlessly and magically. Cameras are permitted but not tripods, nor is outside food and drink. The photographic challenge is presented by the changing light and moving patterns, but it is a fun experience with or without a camera.

Inside entry
Entry to gallery
Abstract becomes house
Art everywhere
At rest
Flies in motion

Due to Covid 19 and the emergence of the Delta variant, the exhibit requires masks be worn and people maintain social distance. This is assisted with circles painted on the floors throughout the hall.

Hat with candles
Hat and line drawing
Many faces around the hall
Meal time
The village
Three faces
White Flowers
The face

These photos are just a sampling of what you see during the 40 minute presentation. Most were photographed with my Sony A7iii and a 28-70mm lens. About half were at 400 ISO and the rest at 800 ISO, mostly for comparison purposes. Also, most were at f5.0-6.3. Shutter  speed varied from 1/25 second to 1/60 second. I also rather liked the silhouettes of people in the photos.

The exhibit runs through December 31 in Phoenix.

Jeff Insel is a Photo Guide for Arizona Highways PhotoScapes.