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Mexico – Colors Galore

By Men Tay New year, new resolutions.  If you are looking for a rich cultural experience that provides numerous opportunities for beautiful travel photography within a small budget, I have a suggesti...
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The Phantom of the Himalayas

by Nathaniel Smalley “A shadow veiled by the mountain steep, or winter’s descending fleece of white. Like its tracks the ghost cat vanishes, as a phantom fading into the night.” ~ from: THE PHAN...
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Crested Saguaros and Horseshoe Lake

By Jeff Insel My wife and I decided to venture out to Horseshoe Lake for a getaway of a couple of hours. We hadn’t been there before, even though we’ve lived within 32 miles for almost 30 years. ...
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Vancouver Island with Shane McDermott

Author: Shane McDermott I grew up on Vancouver Island and couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful place to live! Although it is no longer my home, I can’t wait to get back and show you all how ama...
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Long Exposure Experimentation

My Favorite Mistake   |    Author: Christina Heinle While in Vienna, I practiced long exposure photography at night.  Capturing the streaking tail lights of cars with the historic buildings in t...
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A Cruise Through Norway

Author: Meng Tay When I first read the article Day for Night in Norway in the New York Times, my first reaction was “I have to go on that cruise.”  That was about two years ago.  This year I had...
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6 Little Travel Tips

Author:  David Huffman There are plenty of articles about travel photography providing advice on what equipment to bring, how to pack, etc.  I’ve even written my share.  So, just returning fr...
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Top 10 things to bring to Africa

Author:  Christina Heinle Going on safari in Africa is a great vacation for photographers and non-photographers.  The opportunities for photographs and fantastic experiences are endless.  After my ...
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