Rick Jacobi

8-Minute-Long Exposure

By Rick Jacobi Why would a person want to shoot an 8-Min-Long Exposure when you can shoot a 20 or 30 second exposure much easier? The answer is the effect of the water and or the sky in the photo. It ...
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Photo credit Rick Jacobi

Long Exposures of 8 Minutes

By Rick Jacobi If you have water and or sky with clouds in a photo and want them to look really smooth, then you have to do a long exposure.  Eight minutes works really well for this type of photo. I...
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Love your camera

By Rick Jacobi I think this is an important part of one’s photography. A camera that you love and inspires you to shoot. There are many cameras that a person can own today, and they are all good. Th...
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Less is Better with Age

By Rick Jacobi I was fortunate to be a trip leader this last May on a workshop in Tuscany for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops. I have been on a lot of workshops and have done some extensive traveling...
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My Camera: bringing down the walls

Author: Rick Jacobi This blog is not about the quality of your photos, composition of your image or the brand of a camera.  It’s about what a camera can do for you in the presence of a stranger...
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