night photography

Photographing the Night Sky

By Vern and Barbara West On a recent nighttime shoot of the Comet C2020 F3 / Neowise, we had a crash course on remembering all the ins and outs of photographing the night sky. One of the first steps w...
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Feel the Thunder

By Becky Chapman Summer in Arizona. Hot, painfully so at times. Every year I am amazed how hot it gets here. Yet every year, I am excited for summer. Why on Earth would one be excited about summer, yo...
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Super Moon and a Streaking Airplane

Author: Jeff Insel I’ve had several people inquire as to the settings and lens I used for my “Moon Shot”, so I thought I’d try answering in blog form.  I had planned to photograph this event ...
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How to Capture Star Trails

By Megan P Galope Twitter = @megangalope At the end of January, I attended the AHPW Advanced Star Trails workshop taught by Beth Ruggiero-York. We learned how to take many photos over the span of a co...
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Quiet Night, Starry Night

author:  Becky Chapman There is nothing more peaceful than standing out in the middle of the desert at night with nothing other than the whispers of wildlife around you . When there is no visible moo...
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How to Shoot the Perseids Meteor Shower

Author:  Beth Ruggiero-York It’s almost time for what can be an epic meteor shower every year – the Perseids Meteor Shower. This year it will peak on Friday, August 12, but if you’re truly dete...
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Patience now please….

Author: Greg McKelvey A number of photographers in our Rim Country Camera Club and the Northern Gila County college intermediate photography class taught by well published in Arizona Highways photogra...
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Lively Lights

Author:  Amy Horn The holidays have passed, but at Flagstaff’s Little America Hotel the seasonal display of lights continue to illuminate the property. I wanted to spend time photographing the ...
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