John Frelich

Photographing Reflections

By John Frelich Working with water and/or other items for reflections can provide you with many opportunities to create pleasing images. What are some of the ways you can add interest to an image? Try...
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Time for Reflection

John Frelich Well here many of us sit waiting out the Covid-19 pandemic before we plan where our next photographic adventure will take us. There are many topics for consideration and for this blog I c...
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Does AI Have Real Value?

By John Frelich Not long ago Topaz, amongst others, came out with AI (artificial Intelligence) with their “Studio” and products that offered the same intriguing named improvements. Does this have ...
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Should You Purchase a Lens Right Away

By John Frelich Think of the times you look at a lens and think of a trip you’re ready to take. If only you had a 100-400mm lens to get some good zoom images.  Then you go to the various Photograph...
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Stabilizing Your Camera

By John Frelich How many times have you heard that you need to avoid camera shake? About every time you discuss cameras with any of your friends and/or colleagues. But are tripods and monopods the onl...
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Is there an Artist inside?

By John Frelich Do you find something lacking in your photography? Are you envious of others who get great close-ups and macro photography? I know I am but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an excelle...
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