David Halgrimson

It’s winter in Minnesota

By David Halgrimson It’s winter here in Minnesota. Oh, I know its winter across the US, but it’s winter here in Minnesota. On the second day of the new year, 2021, I awoke to a beautiful display p...
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GPS Tracking Your Images

By David Halgrimson Ever wanted to keep track of where you took your images? If your camera does not have GPS tracking built in, all is not lost. There is an app for that. There are many ways to add G...
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A fun lens

By David Halgrimson Being a good boy and staying home, I decided to do some exploring, on the internet. Photography being my hobby I was looking for anything photography and ran across a small and ine...
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Planning the What When & Where

By David Halgrimson Being a Photo Guide for Arizona Highways Photoscapes (AHPS) for over twelve years I have learned many things, camera settings to use for a subject, time of day for best light, watc...
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Know your Equipment and Location

By David Halgrimson Since moving back to Minnesota I have been researching places to go for photo opportunities and found a couple near where I live. One is Swan Park in Monticello Minnesota 15 miles ...
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Watch that White Balance

By David Halgrimson When shooting, we need to watch the White Balance settings on our camera. White balance controls the color cast in an image. A color cast will come from the color temperature emitt...
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Photographing with Extension Tubes

Author: David Halgrimson Here is a little info on using extension tubes to get that super close shot. An extension tube is used on a lens to allow for getting closer to a subject. It is mounted betwee...
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Clouds, Clouds and more Clouds

Author David Halgrimson A favorite subject for me to photograph is clouds. We don’t get them very often here around Phoenix, but when we do… oh my they can be great! This August I was out walk...
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A Photo Documentary In My Own Backyard

Author:  David Halgrimson Right in our backyard we have an agave, quite a large one at that. One day while checking on things I found the Agave was sprouting a single shoot from its center which rese...
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