Beth Ruggiero-York

How to Capture Star Trails

By Megan P Galope Twitter = @megangalope At the end of January, I attended the AHPW Advanced Star Trails workshop taught by Beth Ruggiero-York. We learned how to take many photos over the span of a co...
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Revisit Your Old Photos

Author Beth Ruggiero-York While culling images last week, I began to see potential in some of my older images that I had discounted long ago but never deleted. So I started looking at the old images w...
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How to Shoot the Perseids Meteor Shower

Author:  Beth Ruggiero-York It’s almost time for what can be an epic meteor shower every year – the Perseids Meteor Shower. This year it will peak on Friday, August 12, but if you’re truly dete...
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That Strange Green Glow

Author: Beth Ruggiero-York Have you ever noticed a green or sometimes purplish glow in the sky of your night images? I’m not talking about the Northern Lights. It’s a bit less distinct than that. ...
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A Big Night for the Moon

Author: Beth Ruggiero-York We have an important night coming, or rather, the moon has an important night coming. On September 27-28, the full moon will be at its perigee when it rises – perigee is w...
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