Super Moon and a Streaking Airplane

Author: Jeff Insel I’ve had several people inquire as to the settings and lens I used for my “Moon Shot”, so I thought I’d try answering in blog form.  I had planned to photograph this event ...
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Pleasure and Privilege

Author:  LeRoy DeJolie This month marks a significant milestone in my photographic career. It was 20 years ago, this very day when I conducted my very first photographic workshop as an Instructor wit...
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Keys to Photographing Wildlife

Author:  Megan Galope There are many keys to photographing wildlife, including being in the right place at the right time, configuring your settings (higher ISO and open aperture to make sure you hav...
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Red on the Rim

Author: Greg McKelvey The Mogollon Rim, stretching from near Flagstaff to New Mexico, is more than a unique topographic and geologic feature.  It’s forests are home to numerous, albeit hidden Moun...
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Listen and Learn

Author: Amy Horn Since I was young, I remember hearing some version of the saying “listen and learn” from my parents. They would be happy to know that I have finally taken their advice. Probably n...
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A Big Night for the Moon

Author: Beth Ruggiero-York We have an important night coming, or rather, the moon has an important night coming. On September 27-28, the full moon will be at its perigee when it rises – perigee is w...
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