Snow over Four Peaks, a very unique photograph

By Ivan Martinez

We live in the desert. We are known for dry and hot weather. Photos of Arizona with dry landscape and hot sunsets are abundant. Arizona has many amazing attractive locations that people from all over the world have photographed. We are very fortunate to live where we are. It does not take a long trip to find beautiful landscapes to be photographed throughout the year. It is not hard to find beautiful sunrise or sunset locations. Many photographers travel all over Arizona during Spring and Fall. It makes sense, the weather is tempered and wonderful. However Arizona winters can be cold and brutal sometimes. A cold spell can also create unique conditions for wonderful images. Over the New Year’s holiday weekend we experienced lower than usual temperatures and record amounts of snow on the high areas. I took advantage of the weather and visited one of my favorites spots in Mesa. I wanted to captured 4 peaks covered with snow. I wanted to do this at sunset time since the mountain faces West. I also wanted to combine the water from the Salt River and make it part of the composition.

Winter storm creates a perfect set up for an unexpected landscape photo
Saguaros on the foreground makes a sense of wonder when surrounded by snow covered Four Peaks
Salt River waters were a perfect mirror for Four Peaks
A vertical composition of snow covered Four Peaks and the Salt River
A closer look at Four Peaks and Salt River
Snow covered Four Peaks at sunset time
A reflection of snow covered Four Peaks at sunset time

Ivan Martinez is a Volunteer Photo Guide with Arizona Highways PhotoScapes