Slot Canyons: Natures Sculpted Sandstone

Author: Megan Galope

Last September, I was lucky to attend the Arizona Highways Photo Workshops Slot Canyons trip as a trip leader. This workshop is based around Page in the northeast corner of Arizona. As the name of the workshop implies, we visited some incredible slot canyons in the area; however, the workshop also includes other lesser known locations that are just as amazing. Our photographer for the trip was LeRoy DeJolie, a renowned photographer and Native American who is very familiar with the area.

The first slot canyon that we visited was the well-known and popular Lower Antelope Canyon. Although beautiful and well worth the trip, it was a challenge at times to work around the number of tourists in the canyon.

Lower AntelopeLower Antelope Canyon

We also visited a lesser-known slot canyon called Secret Canyon. For this canyon it is necessary to go with an outfitter, and therefore we were the only group in the canyon at that time. What a difference it makes!

Secret CanyonSecret Canyon

In addition to slot canyons, we also visited Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend, Little Cut, Waterholes Canyon, Stud Horse Point, and Toad Stools. Many of these locations are not known to the general public or are difficult to get to, which made it easy for us to make beautiful photographs without having to fight the crowds.

Horseshoe BendHorseshoe Bend

Little CutLittle Cut

Stud Horse PointStud Horse Point

WaterholesWaterholes Canyon

Arizona Highways Photo Workshops is offering a similar workshop to this one in March. It will be led by another accomplished photographer, Suzanne Mathia, and space is still available. You can find the details about it here:  Don’t miss out on an amazing experience!

Megan Galope is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.