ON-DEMAND: The Art of Photographing Powerful Silhouettes


(60 minute webinar)

Webinar by: Lisa Langell

Silhouettes are SO compelling when they’re done right! Learn why and how to shoot them successfully!

A well-photographed image of wildlife in silhouette can often elicit as much or more emotion from your audience than images of most well-lit subjects.

Learn how to maximize your shooting day, add diversity to your portfolio, and create powerful emotion with your photography through silhouette, back-lit, and rim-lit photography. This fun, creativity-forward, session will cover what types of subjects work best in these lighting conditions, settings for silhouette photography, and how to utilize this very special light and your settings to shoot “on the dark side” more beautifully and with technical mastery!

We will also engage in some engaging, interactive visual activities that will keep you learning while having fun together as a group, online!

Participants will learn:

  • Options for camera settings and subjects that will successfully produce silhouettes
  • What positions, lighting, and subjects tend to make the best silhouette images
  • Why silhouettes are so compelling for most audiences
  • Compositions that enhance a silhouetted subject
  • What subjects to avoid for silhouette photography
  • In addition to silhouette light, participants will be introduced to rim light, side light, and front light so as to differentiate between these different lighting types
  • Post-processing tips related to silhouette photography