ON DEMAND WEBINAR: Photographing Birds in Flight


Webinar by: Lisa Langell

Photographing birds in flight (BIF) can be challenging for even the most experienced photographers.  Join nature and wildlife photographer Lisa Langell for this in-depth instruction on proper settings and techniques that may work best for you when photographing flying birds.  Lisa’s warm, friendly, and supportive instruction will help get you on your way to photographing birds in motion beautifully!


Designed for those with DSLR and mirrorless cameras, we will focus on the following skills:

  • Focus settings:  AF-C or AI Servo
  • Setting the proper focus points
  • Image stabilization, tripod vs handheld, and more
  •  Choosing aperture and shutter speed settings for photographing birds in flight
  • Tips for finding the bird in the frame before you can photograph it
  • Composition, panning, and related techniques for artistic effect
  • Pre-visualization of your shot so you choose your settings properly