WEBINAR: Manual Made Simple (2-part series)


October 27 & 29, 2020; Each session approximately 2.5 hours including short intermission.

Webinar by: Lisa Langell
Webinar Date: October 27, 2020
Start Time: 3:00 pm - PDT/AZ
Registration deadline: October 26, 2020

Part 1:  Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed confuse SO MANY PEOPLE who want to improve their photography! (Oct. 27)

We will make it simple and help you make it make sense! FINALLY!
It does not have to be so confusing! One of the missing ingredients in so many instructors’ classes is that they teach a lot of “stuff” about settings, but they rarely teach you how to visualize what you want your image to look like first! That is the secret!

It’s much like me explaining what pan, butter, flour, sugar, eggs and some spices are –yet I haven’t shown you a picture or provided a recipe of what we are going to make!   Without that vision first, you could end up creating a cake, crepe, cookie, custard, or crap!

So we will start there! Visualizing your image first.

This is a really fun part of my introductory class where I will present you with REAL videos and ask you to visualize the shot “your way.”  How do YOU see and interpret the scene to produce what you’d like the outcome to be for your final shot?

For example: Think of a mountain landscape scene that you are about to photograph. How do you want it to turn out?

  • Are the mountains in the background going to be blurred? Or tack sharp?
  • Are the flowers in the foreground going to be tack sharp? Or gently blurred?
  • What about the deer trotting through the scene? Do you want to see some motion blur? Or stop the action and freeze his moving legs?
  • How about the bird flying overhead? Are its wings going to imply motion? Or be tack sharp?
  • What if there is a person in the scene? Do you want the person tack-sharp but the background blurry? Or do you want to see the background and mountains?

These are fun and creative decisions you get to make.  They dictate the settings you will use.  You then get then get the result you want in the final image.


Manual Exposure: Making it Simple – Part 2  (October 29)

Manual Settings do not have to be so confusing! One of the missing ingredients in so many instructors’ classes is that they teach a lot of “stuff” about settings, but never teach you first about visualizing your image first! This class is taught in a way that makes it all make sense! FINALLY!

We will pick up where we left off from Part 1 and expand your knowledge and application of manual settings.

In this session you will learn:

    • How to expose for difficult lighting situations
    • Exposure compensation–why and when to use this incredible setting
    • Spot, evaluative, and center-weighted metering–how and why
    • When it’s NOT you… it’s the light causing the problem with your exposure
    • Introduction to using your histogram to help your exposure
    • Activities to solidify your learning and help you in-the-field
    • Plenty of Q&A

Register now for some fun, interactive activities and lots of learning!