ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Elements of Impact in Your Images


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Webinar by: Lisa Langell

The first 3 seconds:  Why impact is (almost) everything!


Without impact, little else matters.


It takes less than three seconds to determine if your image has impact—or not.  That happens in the first 3 seconds you view an image. For the viewers of your work, many factors may grab their attention, but IMPACT is the single most important factor in getting people to take notice!


Subject, color, technical excellence, presentation, and a host of other qualities are important in a well-constructed photograph, but if it doesn’t first have impact, it’s likely people will not keep viewing it for long.


This informative webinar involves a high level of audience interaction as you become “the judge” and rate whether a selection of images have impact.


You will learn:

  • Why certain images have impact – and also why some do not!
  • What creates impact and how can we build it into our wildlife and nature images
  • Key take-aways from our live “judging process” for impact using sample images
  • A few simple in-field and post-processing techniques that will help improve the impact of your work.