ON-DEMAND: Understanding Your Histogram


Understanding your camera’s Histogram
The histogram can be a confusing tool to many–and thus it’s often disregarded. It is actually a tool that can be critically important–especially in-the-field–for evaluating the quality of the exposure!  Unfortunately, there are conflicting rules around using and interpreting the histogram that has led to gross “blanket recommendations” about whether to get “the mountain in the middle,” or “expose to the right,” etc. But what about when those guidelines aren’t appropriate at all? It can all get confusing and lead to misunderstandings that can truly hinder your photographic genius! The histogram is like a “secret decoder ring” that can give you glimpses of your photograph far better than using the LCD screen alone. It helps you understand so much about the color, detail, and the look you are trying to achieve when used properly. This session is aimed at those who would like to truly understand the importance of using the histogram in your camera to improve your work—and how exactly to do so.

Participants will learn to:

  • Read a histogram for tonal values and saturation
  • Identify when your images are saturated vs over-saturated, in-camera
  • Identify when your images have lost detail in your highlights, shadows
  • Spot when you have “clipped” your colors and tonal values
  • Learn to use your “blinkies” (aka Highlight Alert) settings to assist in exposure
  • Learn to adjust exposure to get the results you want by reading the histogram
Webinar by: Lisa Langell