Seminar: Photography ….. Weather or Not!

1 Day - Peoria, Arizona
November 16, 2019
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Learn to create impactful imagery in any weather or lighting condition.  Join adventure photographer and weather expert, Michael DeYoung to learn how understanding the basics of meteorology  will benefit your ability to find and capture dramatic and colorful light.

Registration deadline: November 13, 2019

This one day lighting seminar is designed to expand and master your natural lighting skills by better understanding how clouds and weather affect the light we see and photograph. Throughout the day,  photographers of all levels will learn how to use basic meteorology and weather information to understand two key components in photography: 1) predict and find the most colorful and dramatic light, and 2) learn how to make the most of the light you have.


The day will begin with an overview of how understanding meteorology and clouds will help you to master outdoor lighting skills and increase your chances of finding the optimal light that most outdoor photographers want — warm, soft, directional, and colorful light! Michael will demonstrate how two of the three most important components of a great image making  are directly connected to daily and seasonal weather.


As a former weather observer, radar operator and forecaster for the US Air Force, Michael will reveal how NOAA and NWS (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service), the source for ALL weather forecasting relays information in the public and private sectors.


Over the course of the day, Michael will cover four specific topics that will provide valuable insight on optimizing your lighting conditions.


Topic 1: Understanding Basic Meteorology helpful to outdoor image creators.

  • “Sunology”- Yeah, what’s up with the sun? A quick overview of our chief light source and how it creates climate and weather.
  • The “Big Stuff”: Fun facts and interesting things about large scale weather patterns and air masses that create “all things weather and light.”
  • Basic weather terms:  cloud height and ceiling, visibility, wind direction and speed, temperature, dew point, and other stuff you didn’t think was good to know as an image creator.
  • Common mountain and desert seasonal and daily weather patterns of interest to photographers with an emphasis on the 4-corner states.


Topic 2:  On Location weather.  No internet? No problem. Look around. Analyze the scene and make accurate short-term lighting predictions.

  • Cloud types: different clouds have different effects on the light we use. Get the whole scoop here.
  • Best cloud types for colorful sunrise and sunset skies.
  • Using cloud identification and making your own short range predictions to find colorful, dramatic light.


 Topic 3: Finding useful weather information online for planning your shoots and getting more useful information than what you find on your common weather apps.

  • Understanding and using NWS forecast products.
  • Identifying transitions in plain language forecasts to help determine when you should go shoot.
  • Understanding and interpreting aviation forecast elements and graphical cloud forecasts useful to photographers.
  • How to use short range weather forecasts that put you out there during the best potential for great light and conditions.
  • How to use satellite and radar imagery.
  • Using climate summaries and outlooks for trip planning.


Topic 4: Working with what you have: Use simple and effective techniques to create images with impact in rain, snow, fog, wind, and more!


This topic is a reminder that sometimes (many times) you don’t get the weather and light you want. It will also reinforce that bad weather equals great photos! Jay Maisel once said, “There is spectacular light and difficult light.” Work with the light you have.” This final presentation will cover how to make the most of the light you have: Match your photographic subject matter to the given light.


Everyone gets to go home now, unless you have more questions. Then you can stay and ask them. Either way, you are now you are ready to nail it next time. More knowledge equals better imagery equals more fun times with the camera! Get outta here and go shoot!


Seminar includes a boxed lunch: Turkey sandwich, fruit, cookie and bottled water.

Seminar Location


Arizona Broadway Theater
Encore Room
7701 W. Paradise Lane
Peoria, AZ 85382

The seminar begins promptly at 9:00am on Saturday, November 16, 2019.  Doors open 8:30am.  Lunch tickets will be issued at registration upon arrival.

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