ON DEMAND: Post-Processing Night Images


Optimize your night images during this 4-lesson online learning series on post-processing. (30-60 min sessions)

Webinar by: Beth Ruggiero-York

The world view of post-processing images varies greatly from photographer to photographer.  Traditionalists tend to believe what comes out of the camera is the best representation of the scene. Artistic photographers, tend to use post-processing to embellish the impact of a scene.  And then there are those who make up a broad spectrum of photographers who believe that post-processing in moderation can provide natural enhancements without jeopardizing the truth of the scene.


However, when it comes to night imagery, post-processing is almost always a necessary component to bring out the essence of the night sky’s available light, colors, shadows and so on.


During this four-lesson series, “Fun in the Dark – A Guide to Successful Night Photography” author, Beth Ruggiero-York will teach you about inherent issues associated with night images, guide you through techniques in Lightroom to achieve your desired outcome and provide you with information on apps and plugins that will improve the processing techniques.


Editing workflow will be shown using Adobe Lightroom, so that is recommended for this course.  However much of the editing can also be done using Photoshop ACR Editing sliders (but will not be demonstrated).


The online program will cover the following topics:

Lesson 1 – Inherent image problems: how to recognize them and correct them.

Lesson 2  – Night Image Workflow:  start to finish using Lightroom, including target adjustments

Lesson 3 – Plugins to enhance your workflow and images

Lesson 4  – Advanced Noise Reduction



  • Adobe Lightroom (must have a basic working knowledge of the library and development modules sliders)
  • Understand Masking:  refer to these tutorials for a refresher (Auto Mask Lightroom Tutorial and How to Create Precise Masks in Lightroom )
  • Plugins:  Lesson 3 is devoted to learning to work with Topaz LabsAI DeNoiseSharpen AI and Gigapixel AI.  A FREE 30-day trial is available to download. (To maximize your 30 days usage, we suggest you wait to download it until just prior to beginning Lesson 3)
  • Advanced Noise Reduction Made Easy will occur during Lesson 4.  Mac users can download a trial version of Starry Landscape Stacker and  PC users can download the FREE app SequaterGlobal.  Again, it is recommended to wait until you begin the lesson to download the trial version.