Photo 101 – Digital Basics

1 Day - Phoenix, AZ
September 5, 2020
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Get out and have some fun with a camera.  Learn the basics and be on your way in no time.

Registration deadline: September 2, 2020

Are you a beginner in digital photography? Or looking to refresh your photography skills? Learn from the experts at Arizona Highways PhotoScapes. Our Photo 101 workshop, taught by photography instructor Sue Wright, will get up to speed on all of your camera’s modes, dials and settings to get you on your way to taking great pictures.


In a small group setting, you will finally understand stops of light and how it applies to shutter speeds and f-stops. Through interactive sessions in class photo shoots, you will apply these exposure settings read your histogram and use your menus effectively. Bring your camera, camera manual and a fully charged battery to make the most of this hands-on workshop. And don’t forget to put a card in your camera!


You will vary your exposure settings to see how this effects your photos.  You will also see how different lenses can change the look of your image and how important post-production software programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture are to give you high-quality digital images. We will also talk about the differences between RAW, JPEG, TIFF and PSD files.

What’s included:

  • Instruction
  • Lunch included  (if you have special dietary requirements we request you bring your own lunch)

Saturday, September 5, 2020

  • The workshop begins at 8:00am, so please plan to arrive to the meeting room a few minutes early to find a seat and get settled.
  • After a brief workshop introduction, you will work with your camera so you understand its functions and features, beginning with the LCD, Mode Dial and Diopter.
  • Next we’ll take a look at the Camera Modes & Dial and distinguish the differences between the settings and when you would choose one over another. We will also explore the various features within your camera menus and discuss the critical settings such as Focus Area, White Balance, Metering, Shutter speeds, Aperture settings and ISO. You will learn the differences between shooting in RAW vs JPG and how to develop a mental checklist for setting up your camera to capture a great image.
    • What am I going to shoot?
    • Where do I want to focus?
    • What are the Lighting Conditions?
    • Do I want to Freeze Action or Show Movement?
  • During the workshop we will work hands-on with our cameras, testing the settings for different scenarios and have a demonstration on how to download your images for post-processing.
  • The final wrap-up will include a discussion on post-processing software, equipment and other resources.
  • We will adjourn at 5:00pm

Strenuous Rating: Easy
This is a classroom based workshop with a few opportunities to go outside and practice techniques.

The workshop will be held:

University of Phoenix
4035 S. Riverpoint Parkway, Room #201
Phoenix, AZ

The workshop will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. Please arrive a few minutes early to locate the classroom and find a seat.


Sue Wright
Dianne Langmade
Photo Guide
CANCELLATION POLICY: Please pay careful attention to our cancellation policy.  We are unable to make exceptions for any reason, including family and medical emergencies.  No refunds will be issued within 2 weeks of this workshop. A 10% administrative fee will apply to other cancellations.

Arizona Highways PhotoScapes reserves the right to cancel any workshop if our minimum student enrollment is not met. In the event AHPS cancels a workshop, participants will be given the option to reschedule to a later date or receive a full refund for the workshop components booked directly with AHPS.  Please Note: we are not liable for the additional expenses incurred such as airfare, hotel accommodations or any other components booked outside of the workshop.

PAYMENT TERMS:  Payment in full is due at registration unless otherwise indicated.