ON-DEMAND: Macro Photography 6-Part Series


The session links and password credentials will be provided in a confirmation email.

If you enjoy viewing the fine details of flowers, feathers, or any of the millions of small things that surround us then this macro webinar is for you. Close-up photography opens up a whole new world to photographers, from beginners to advanced. Through live shooting and photo assignments, Amy will teach you how to capture macro images in a variety of situations including abstract and nature scenarios.


This online series includes demonstrations on macro shooting techniques, gear (lenses, extension tubes, etc), focus stacking software, and finding subjects to capture the best macro image. Included in each lesson is a photo challenge designed to help you practice the lesson content. These challenges are designed to understand the limitations and benefits of getting close.


Whether you have a macro lens that is rarely used or a screw-on close-up filter, join Northern Arizona University photography instructor and co-author of The Art of Macro Photography, Amy Horn for six weeks of skill development in macro photography.


Gear needed to gain the most from this online course:

  1. Camera
  2. One of the below:
  3. Macro Lens (1:1 magnification)
  4. Close Up filter
  5. Extension Tubes
  6. Off-Camera flash (optional, but useful)
  7. Tripod
  8. Shutter release or know how to use the timer
  9. Diffuser


In this online program, you will receive links to 6 pre-recorded videos, 3 instructional handouts, and a copy of the live presentation’s FAQ’s.