‘Shooting Your Wet & Wild Adventures’

Author: Kerrick James

Running Hance Rapid on the Colorado River, Grand Canyon National
© Kerrick James

When I started shooting seriously from canoes, kayaks and rafts in the Age of Film, I found a used ‘shooting bag’ made by a German company called EWA-Marine. This bag allowed limited control thru right hand operation but did permit excellent image quality as the lens was mated to an optical glass port. Changing film meant opening the dry bag in a wet environment, always a risky act, but digital capture and improved automation have made it possible to concentrate on composition while running giant rapids. And their new designs are much improved and give you more lens options, for both APS-C and full frame bodies.

Just remember, Right Hand for Shooting and Left Hand for Holding On for dear life as swimming with a camera while running the Colorado River in Grand Canyon is not meant for bucket lists. I’ve rafted the great river of the Southwest many times, and also kayaked in Alaska, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, etc., using the EWA-Marine bag and/or waterproof cases secured to the boat ropes by multiple carabiners, and have yet to lose or damage any gear to water leaks.

Don’t be afraid to shoot through big the rapids and from kayaks. With the right protection you can make stunning adventure and scenic images from water level, and beyond…

Kerrick James is an adventure and travel photographer and a seasoned Arizona Highways Photo Workshop instructor. @kerrickjames