Self Quarantined?

By Jeff Insel

Are you stuck at home now due to a job furlough or layoff? My wife and I have been “self isolating” since March 17 here in Arizona. Most of our time is spent reading books, watching TV, doing yard work and napping. However, we do try to get out for a walk around the neighborhood and the occasional hike at nearby Regional park and Conservation Area.

Metate Trail Spur Cross

Fortunately these local parks are not very crowded so it’s easy to practice our “social distancing”. Since I enjoy photography it’s also nice to get out and practice landscape photography, sometimes you also get rewarded seeing some local wildlife.

Poppies at Bartlett Lake and Burros Lake Pleasant

One important practice while hiking here is being aware that the rattlesnakes are coming out to enjoy the nice weather as well so it pays to be “snake” aware.

Rattle Snake
Rattle Snake

It’s important to take care of yourself with the social distancing and self quarantining in these difficult times but if you can get out for a walk or a hike it benefits you not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well

Jeff Insel is a Photo Guide with Arizona Highways PhotoScapes