See it, Feel it, Take the Shot

Author: Rick Jacobi

When doing street photography you cannot go looking for a photo, it has to come to you. You have to see it and feel it in a split second. That means your camera has to be ready at all times.  I don’t always  know when a photo opportunity  is going to happen, it just happens.
I was sitting at a bar and all of sudden three glasses appeared. I was not looking for three glasses to shoot. They came to me. My camera was ready and was able to get the shot.
In this next  image, I was admiring the beauty of the bar, but wasn’t compelled to take the shot until the bartender showed up in the middle of the bar. The scene came to me, not me to the scene.  My camera was ready and I got the shot.   With most street photography, I saw it, felt it and took the shot.
Rick Jacobi is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.