Author: David Huffman
Photography can be a solitary experience or a group one. I often enjoy my time alone, on the trail or in the studio, where I can think, visualize and execute a picture from my mind’s eye.

But, after 30 year’s experience, I find it invigorating to be together with other photographers discussing and practicing our craft.  In fact, I need this interaction to drive me to new explore new ideas and images.  I find it particularly interesting and


useful to be with other photographers, now that we’ve entered the digital age of photography, where so many of the tools and techniques are in the hands of the photographer, and not in the lab.  And digital imaging has opened up a vast cornucopia of new techniques for managing the image in the camera and afterwards on the computer.

One exciting way to recharge your creative batteries is to attend a workshop, or even better an event about photography.  This year, Arizona Highways Photo Workshops celebrates 30 years in the business of providing education, inspiration and creativity to students of photography.

November 7-8, 2015 in the Phoenix metro area we will host the first “Capture Your Moment Symposium.”  This action-packed event, over two days, will feature some of the best-known photographers in the area teaching and sharing their knowledge.  Our special guest speakers include Guy Tal, Alan Ross, Jack Dykinga and Joel Grimes, among others.  You’ll be able to choose among 26 learning sessions.  Come join us at the Photography Event of the Year and check out our fantastic lineup of workshops for 2016!
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