Put yourself in the picture

By Jim Steinberg

March is here and it is the time of year it when our thoughts turn to green grass, wildflowers, and spending time in the high country. And for the first time in many years, I am really excited about the prospects for a truly great wildflower season. As I sit here in my office and look out the window the snow is piled up above the ledge, 6 feet over ground level. With our snowpack reaching its highest levels in years our hopes run as high as the snow.  Currently the snowpack in the San Juan Mts. drainage is 133% of average.  This is the fist time in a decade we have seen this.  So if you are considering a workshop in Colorado, this is the year, and our Arizona Highways Colors of the Colorado Rockies workshop will be the place to be.  With a small group format and some of the best locations to be found, including a number of them that almost no one else (even our drivers) know about, I promise this will be trip to be remembered and cherished in the years to come. I hope a few of the photos in this blog will tingle your senses and encourage you to become a part of this fun, exciting week full of camaraderie, adventure and great image making.  For further details please feel free to contact me at our offices in Steamboat Springs – 888.879.3718, Steinberg@portfoliopublications.com, or Arizona Highways PhotoScapes at 888.790.7042.

Jim Steinberg is an Instructor with Arizona Highways PhotoScapes