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Worried About Someone Stealing Your Online Images?

By Sara Goodnick Monitoring Program Protects Your Images from Unauthorized Use and Theft A few years ago I learned that several friends had discovered one or more of their images had been stolen and were being used by others, for profit.  It has been a long arduous journey to improve our copyright ...
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Learn Who, Where, and How with the onX Apps

By Sara Goodnick Outdoor explorers, photographers, off-roaders, hikers, birders, and hunters—onX makes three apps that will tell you exactly what you need to know, from downloadable offline maps, trails, tracking, waypoints, and much more. You may not need all three, but you would probably enjoy t...
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A Great Birding Lens

By Vicki Uthe I recently purchased a new lens for my Lumix GX-8 micro 4/3 camera body. It’s an Olympus 100-400 mm zoom which translates to a 200-800 mm given the crop sensor on my camera. It. Is. Amazing. The images are sharp, it’s not too heavy to lug around for 2-3 hours and it […]...
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GPS Tracking Your Images

By David Halgrimson Ever wanted to keep track of where you took your images? If your camera does not have GPS tracking built in, all is not lost. There is an app for that. There are many ways to add GPS data to your images. For cameras without built-in GPS tracking, there are devices you […]...
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The Best Macro Diffuser Ever

By Bruce D Taubert About 15 years ago, when I began to get serious about macro photography, I found the learning curve to be a bit steeper than I had thought it was going to be.  The equipment needs were a bit different, the focusing more critical, stabilizing my equipment at macro distances from t...
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Turn Your Photographs Into Greeting Cards

By David Goodell Looking for a project? I decided to print some of my photos as All Occasion Greeting Cards and have had a great deal of fun with it. The cards are 4 X 6, the paper is 6 X 8, and they are blank on the inside. I decided to have my cards […]...
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I really like my Sony RX10M4 – All-in-One Camera

By Jeff Insel A year or so ago I decided I’d like a good “point and shoot” camera for just all purpose photography but also wanted one good with low light, primarily to photograph concerts I work at the MIM Music Theater when artists allow me to photograph. It had to have good zoom capability ...
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Why I Switched from Sony to Olympus and How I Did It

By Beth Ruggiero Why I Switched from Sony to Olympus and How I Did It I’m always looking for ways to improve my photography experience, and this summer, I honed in on something that had long been in my head – Olympus. Those who know me well probably weren’t too surprised. I have a history of ...
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Does AI Have Real Value?

By John Frelich Not long ago Topaz, amongst others, came out with AI (artificial Intelligence) with their “Studio” and products that offered the same intriguing named improvements. Does this have value to an amateur photographer? See for your yourself in the three images. The first is the RAW im...
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Phone Camera Fun

By Sara Goodnick Turn Your Mobile Phone into a Fun Versatile Camera I just received my new Ztylus Revolver 6-Way lens accessory for my mobile phone and it is so much fun to use! My phone is an iPhone XS, but Ztylus also offers compatible lens sets for certain Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Mate Pro [&hel...
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