Photoshop Quick Trick – How to Add Light to Specific Areas of Your Image

By Rick Jacobi

I have tried to put a light on a light bulb, lantern or a lamp. It does not work very well trying to paint it on with a brush in ACR or Lightroom by increasing the Exposure, Highlights or White.

If you look at the light bulb on the upper right side of the white door in the photo you will be able to see the before and after on the two photos.

The following works well and is simple to do:

1 Hold down the Option or Alt Key and click on a New Layer – which is the box icon on the bottom right below the layers panel next to the Trash Can Icon.

2 A box will come up on your screen.

3 Change the mode to Color Dodge.

4 Check “Fill Box” then click OK.

5 Paint with a White Brush to what you want to light up. Start with 20% Opacity and increase it as needed or increase strokes.

6 Click on the Move Tool which can move the light around if need be.

I hope this works for you and if have any questions please e-mail:

Rick Jacobi is a Photo Guide for Arizona Highways PhotoScapes.