Photographing Outside Your Comfort Zone

by Christina Heinle

There are times when photography requires me to go out of my comfort zone. It’s so easy to take pictures when you’re with others or the opportunity is in your backyard. However, when its outside of your comfort zone and takes effort is when the reward will be greater.

Recently I traveled to Budapest and I had great ideas of the fabulous pictures I would take. It didn’t take long before I realized that sunset pictures with jet lag, unfamiliarity of the metro system and layout of city and lack of Hungarian would require me to readjust my ideas. This vacation was with my parents and not a photo trip. I could do only what I could do. This meant touristy shots of iconic locations with people (gasp) mulling around in the harsh sunlight (double gasp).

copyright Christina Heinle
The first day I took pictures from Fisherman Bastion of Parliament in the middle of the day and knew they were scrapbook worthy. Later in the evening for sunset again from Fisherman Bastion I took pictures of Parliament and was pleased with the lighting but still wasn’t what I had pictured in my mind for what I wanted.

On the last night, I had enough confidence and familiarity of the metro that I headed out again at sunset to capture Parliament and the Danube River in Budapest. It wasn’t fear free and I almost didn’t wait it out till the time needed to capture my picture but I’m glad I waited it out to see the magical lighting of Parliament in Budapest on the Danube.

copyright Christina Heinle

Christina Heinle is an Arizona Highways Photo Workshops trip leader.