Phone Camera Fun

By Sara Goodnick

Turn Your Mobile Phone into a Fun Versatile Camera

I just received my new Ztylus Revolver 6-Way lens accessory for my mobile phone and it is so much fun to use! My phone is an iPhone XS, but Ztylus also offers compatible lens sets for certain Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Mate Pro phones.

The 6-in-one set is for those phones with dual lenses. Those are a Macro/Super Macro, Fisheye/ Telephoto, and a Wide Angle/Telephoto set.  There is also a 4-in-one set with a Circular Polarizer, a Wide Angle/Macro, and a Fisheye set.

These lens sets are mounted on a special phone case, which is part of the purchase. They have a good selection of both simple and very colorful cases. Unfortunately, you cannot use a wireless charger with them.

To access the lenses you simply rotate the revolver and pull out the lenses, which are in sets of 2, and rest over your phone’s lens. To switch between the lenses, I found it happens automatically when I zoom in or out.

In the examples below, I was testing the lenses and can see both their strengths and limitations. They behave much like their larger siblings, but the small sensors on the phones definitely limit the quality of the images when enlarged. They are sharp, have a limited depth of field when used up close, and the wide angle will distort when used up close.


More Info:

Price at this writing: $49

Sara Goodnick is a Photo Guide with Arizona Highways PhotoScapes.