Patience is the name of the game

Author: David Halgrimson

Anyone who is a photographer already knows that landscape and wildlife photography takes time and lots and lots of patience. If you are looking to work in these areas with your photography here is a little lesson, time and patience go hand in hand as it takes patience to spend the time to get the shot.

While on an Arizona Highways Photo Workshop in Yellowstone NP in January 2010 with photographer Henry Holdsworth we wandered in the Norris Geyser Basin with our group during midday, not typically a great time of day for landscapes but in this case with the rising steam from the geysers it was spectacular.

As we walked along the boardwalk into the basin my eye was caught by a number of pine trees that would poke in and out as the wind blew the steam around. At times there would be a fair view of the trees and other times it would be nearly opaque.Image 1

Not only was the steam an issue, the light kept changing as well. As the rest of our group proceeded into the basin to shoot I visualized the shot I wanted. So I waited, and shot, and waited, and shot, and waited until finally the steam opened up and the light hit just right.  It was the shot I was hoping for.

Image 2

I worked the shot for forty five minutes, staying in one spot and trying to stay warm in very cold weather.  The final result was well worth it.  The steam parted revealing snow-capped trees jutting out from the landscape.

Image 3

Photography is  kind of like fishing, if you think you have the right spot then it just takes time and patience to catch the big one.

David Halgrimson is a trip leader for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.