Panasonic Lumix GX8 – Is it a good decision?

Author:  David Goodell

Is my purchase of the Lumix GX8 a good decision??

A few days ago I purchased a Lumix GX8 which will be delivered tomorrow. Why buy this camera instead of a Sony,  Olympus, or Fuji? One feature separated this camera from the others – post focus.
I plan to use post focus for my macro photography because it will allow me to increase the depth of field of my close-up photos. Briefly, post focus uses 4K video to take photos at each of the cameras 49 focus points and then allows the photographer to pick the photo which focuses on the point I want. Or, and more importantly for me, you can pick several or all of the photos and focus stack them using Photoshop or another program. There is a negative however – post focus creates 8 MB JPEG files which could be a problem. We will see. For sure I will have to be careful in selecting my white balance.
Will it work for me? I will let you know in a few weeks.  If you want more information about post focus check out these websites: and