I do not have an email address, may I still register for a workshop?
Yes. Our online registration requires an email to setup an account but you may call our office to place your registration by phone at (602) 712-2004 or toll-free at (888) 790-7042.
What meals are included in the workshop fee?
Some meals may be included in your workshop fee. Please refer to each workshop to learn what is included in your workshop fee.
What kind of accommodations can I expect?
Our workshop lodging is as diverse as our destinations. In many locations we have secured accommodations with a delightful ambiance and character while in others you will find us staying in mainstream accommodations. On our camping excursions we are often accompanied by outfitters who provide gear and equipment to make our mobile camp comfortable and safe.
Can I book additional nights lodging?
We typically secure a block of rooms for lodging for the night prior to a workshop departure and the day the workshop ends. These shoulder nights are available to participants at our negotiated rate and must be reserved and paid for by the participant.
May I book a single room reservation?
Workshop fees are based on single occupancy. If you are traveling with a companion, you may opt for double occupancy and receive a discounted rate. Please note this request on your registration or notify our office at the earliest convenience. Please also be advised that some workshops may require shared lodging due to the nature of the trip (such as tent camping, cabins, lodges, or dormitory-styled accommodations) and may not offer single accommodations, regardless of a customer's willingness to pay a supplemental fee. 
Can special dietary needs be accommodated?
AHPS tries to accommodate all special dietary requirements. Participants are asked to list any and all food allergies and special food regimens on their health form. Meals and snacks are often limited by restaurant availability, but we will do our best to secure your necessary food requirements. Please contact our office for additional information.
How strenuous are the AHPS workshops?
Our photography workshops range from classroom seminars to high country photography. Each workshop has been given a designated Activity Level to provide you with information on the physical requirements for the workshop. Beside selecting the location and activity level, the most important thing about choosing your workshop is to make sure it fits your interest and physical abilities. The conditions on location vary greatly on each workshop from roadside shooting to hiking through canyons, traversing on uneven terrain and/or climbing at high-altitudes, all while carrying your own gear. Participants with physical restrictions or health conditions should contact our customer service representatives to discuss the physical requirements with them. They will be happy to assist you in choosing the workshop that's right for you.
How many participants are on a workshop?
Maximum student enrollment varies by the workshop. Typical workshops range from eight to twelve participants, with the majority of the workshops set at 10 participants. If a workshop is full, you may contact the office to be added to the waitlist. As seats become available, we contact individuals on the waitlist in order of listing and give them 24 hours to confirm their interest before moving on to the next person on the list.
What if I need to cancel my workshop registration?
Please refer to our cancellation policy listed under the terms tab on your registered workshop.
Does AHPS ever cancel workshops?
Each workshop requires a minimum number of participants to run the workshop. AHPS reserves the right to cancel any trip due to inadequate sign-up or other cause that makes the trip unfeasible for us to operate. If AHPS cancels a workshop you will have the choice of receiving a full refund or of transferring to another workshop that has space available. We are not, however, liable for expenses incurred such as airfare or accommodations.
Can I transfer my registration to another workshop?
You may transfer, without penalty, any registration 90+ days of departure on any of our 3+ day workshops and up to 30 days on our 1-2 day weekend workshops . If you request a transfer within the penalty cancellation period on a 3+ day workshop we will transfer your workshop fees to a new workshop less $100 service fee.  
Where do I purchase travel insurance?
There are a number of reputable companies that provide Travel Insurance. For a listing of providers, you can visit www.insuremytrip.com. AHPS has partnered with TravelEx Insurance Services over the years and has found them to be reputable and offer comprehensive plans at competitive prices. For more information visit www.travelexinsurance.com or contact them at 800-228-9792 and reference location number 03-0147. Travel Insurance is underwritten by, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, NAIC #22276. W20
What kind of information will I receive to prepare for my workshop?
After we receive your deposit, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your registration and a welcome letter. Prior to your attendance in the workshop, you must also complete the Health Form and other required workshop forms found in your account. You will receive additional trip details and instructions from your workshop Photo Guide. On all lodging-based workshops you will receive a welcome letter with pertinent information approximately 60 days before departure all others can expect to receive it within 30 days of the workshop.
What type of transportation is used?
In a majority of our workshops, AHPS provides transportation via 15 passenger vans or premium SUV's. In a few select workshops where transportation is not included, participants generally carpool to shooting locations. On many of our expeditions, we have specially guided tours provided by vendors. These types of transportation include jeep, open-air six-wheel-drive touring vehicles, Hummers, snow coaches, boats, ice buggies, carriage rides, and more. Check your itinerary for more information on specific workshop activities.
What AHPS needs to know about my health history and why?
It is essential that participants with any medical conditions apprise our staff and Photo Guides prior to departure. The Photo Guide has the right to disqualify anyone at any time during the trip if he or she feels the trip member is physically or mentally incapable or if a trip member's continued participation will jeopardize the individual involved or the group. Refunds are not given under such circumstances. We are often in remote locations without access to immediate emergency services. Hospital facilities for serious problems are often unavailable and evacuation can be prolonged, difficult, and expensive. Arizona Highways PhotoScapes assumes no liability regarding the provision of any medical treatment that is secured during the workshop. A Health Form is to be completed upon your registration. We request a complete medical history for the last three years, including all medications and any special dietary needs. Your information shall remain personal and confidential and only used in conjunction with the planning and management of the workshop.
Is there a limit on luggage/gear that I can bring?
While we have no set luggage limit, we strongly encourage you to pack wisely. It is recommended that participants limit their gear to one suitcase (preferrably soft-sided), one carry-on, camera gear and tripod. Also, if you bring it, you carry it!
May I bring a non-participating spouse or guest?
AHPS strongly discourages bringing a non-participant on any workshop. Anyone who has not paid the full workshop fee is EXCLUDED from all workshop activities, transportation and meals. If you choose to caravan with the group, you run the risk of getting lost and missing valuable instruction and camaraderie that happens during travel time. Our days are long, so you will have very little, if any, time to spend with a spouse or guest.
Can I give an Arizona Highways PhotoScapes Workshop as a gift?
Absolutely! An Arizona Highways PhotoScapes Workshop is a fantastic gift for that favorite photo enthusiast in your life. Gift certificates are available for specific denominations or for a complete workshop registration. To order call our office at 602.712.2004 or toll-free at 1-888.790.7042.
Workshop Physical Activity Ratings
Each workshop has been assigned a rating from the least demanding, Level 1, to the most active, Level 6, so students can find an appropriate activity level. Ratings reflect a combination of intensity and duration as well as distance, terrain, environmental conditions, weather, etc. For the most enjoyable and rewarding experience, please use your best judgment to match activity ratings with your health, physical condition, and individual circumstances. The range of hours for each rating will vary from workshop to workshop, so please discuss with our office staff to find the workshop most suitable for your interests and level of fitness. Many of our long workshops involve long days out in the field starting well before sunrise and in many cases continuing beyond the dinner hour. Bear in mind that these programs involve group activities so your level of preparedness and ability will have an impact on other participants. All activity levels assume you will be handling your own luggage, carrying your own camera equipment, tripods and water while in the field and are able to get in and out of the vans or buses without undue difficulty.  

Activity Level 1 - Easy

Appropriate for most students attending our weekend workshops. Programs at this level generally are classroom-style workshops that are an easy pace and may involve up to five hours of sitting.  

Activity Level 2 - Easy

Appropriate for students in good health with overall good mobility that are comfortable participating in half to full day activities. Programs at this level generally involve activities of light-to-moderate intensity at a moderate pace, mostly walking, sometimes on slightly uneven terrain with moderate elevation change.  

Activity Level 3 – Easy to Moderate

Intended for students who are comfortable participating in half to full day physical activities. These programs generally involve activities of a slightly higher intensity and/or a more vigorous pace. Activities may include walking and light hiking on mild terrains; loading and unloading at multiple locations and field time from sunrise to sunset.  

Activity Level 4 - Moderate

Designed for students who lead active lives and are comfortable participating in full day excursions with moderate to slightly challenging physical activity. Programs at this level generally involve some activities of higher intensity and/or a more vigorous pace. Activities may include walking/hiking on more varied terrain with some increased elevation change. Some workshop locations require off-road travel in multi-terrain vehicles (ex: open-air trucks, snow coaches, farm trucks) that may be rough riding.  

Activity Level 5 – Moderate to Challenging

Designed for people who lead very active lives and are comfortable participating in physical activity. Programs at this level generally involve activities of higher intensity at a more vigorous pace. These activities may include full day excursions, multiple loading and unloading at locations, moderate to extended hiking at higher altitudes over more difficult terrain, severe weather conditions, and/or off-road travel in multi-terrain vehicles (ex: open-air trucks, snow coaches, farm trucks).  

Activity Level 6 - Challenging

Participants must have a high level of physical fitness and appropriate expertise in the program activities, and should expect full days of fast-paced, strenuous physical challenges. Activities may require extended hours of strenuous, moderate- to fast-paced activity per day, equivalent to hiking six miles at a 3-mph pace over varied terrain. Depending upon the workshop participants may need to plan for severe weather conditions.