Now that’s a bridge

By Jon Vemo

Recently I visited yet another wonder of Arizona, Tonto Natural Bridge. If you haven’t been (like me), Tonto Natural Bridge is located just outside of Payson, AZ. According to the Arizona State Parks website, this natural bridge is believed to be the largest natural travertine bridge in the world. Standing over 180 feet high, over a 400 foot long tunnel, this natural formation is amazing to experience.

Easy to get to from Phoenix, and with viewing access within a short stroll from this Arizona Park’s parking and picnic area, this natural wonder can be enjoyed by all.
However to really experience this natural wonder, you will want to take one of several trails to the bottom, where you can look up at the grandeur of this formation. There are several trails, some a little more strenuous, but all worth the trek to the bottom.
Once you’ve reached the tunnel entrance, spend some time looking around, up, down, sideways….there is myriad of images that can be captured, and natural wonders to be in awe of.
There are many amazing things to see, do, and experience in Arizona, and Tonto Natural Bridge is just one of them. An easy drive from the Phoenix area, and a great way to spend a half day with family and friends. Temps get a bit warm in the summer months, so I suggest going early, and as always, bring lots of water.
Jon Vemo is a Volunteer Photo Guide with Arizona Highways PhotoScapes