Nikon’s “Live View” Grows Up

Author:  John Frelich

For those of us who felt like “2nd Cousins” to our Canon brethren because we couldn’t just focus and shoot in “Live View,” a new day has dawned. With my D700 I had to focus in a limited area of the image and then close out “Live View” to then capture an image. Those with Canons didn’t have to do the same and would look at us strangely when discussing the problem.   The process was mainly used to manually focus on an off center spot to get the best possible results.

Recently I purchased a new D810 and was going through a Field Guide for the camera. Under the topic it updated the capability of the Nikons to shoot either in a manual or tripod based process but also discussed how auto focus (or manual) can be used as well as a split screen process to focus on both sides of the viewer and on the subject. From that point of focus you can just capture your image by pressing the shutter button.

For those interested in video capture the D810 also added capabilities that go beyond the original still image system becoming a hybrid digital single lens reflex camera that could take video. From the little time I’ve had the camera it seems that this entire process has clearly been improved.  Has this been passed down to other models, everyone will have to research this for themselves.

John Frelich is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops