My iPhone: Great for Scouting That Perfect Shot

Author:  Pam Henrichsen

Earlier this spring I was a trip leader for  Arizona Highways Photo Workshop, Slot Canyons: Natures Sculpted Sandstone, with photographer, Suzanne Mathia. Throughout the week I found as I was looking for my perfect perspective to photograph in the rocky plateau surrounding Lake Powell that my iPhone became a wonderful tool.


Today most of us carry our smart phones with us no matter where we go. It’s one of my favorite accessories because it has a great camera on it.  My iPhone camera works no matter where I am at. It is a very effective for scouting my location and then framing my subject.


It gives me a better feel for the detail in my shot. Is this what I am really looking for or is there another angle that I would prefer? What would it look like in black and white?


Sometimes I am just so excited about what I am shooting that I cannot wait to download my images to share with my friends and family.


So the next time you are scouting locations, remember to use your other camera. It’s a great tool that you already have with you.

Pam Henrichsen is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.