Monument Valley: An Inspiring View from Hunt’s Mesa

Author: Megan Galope

Last May, I made the wise choice to attend the Arizona Highways Photo Workshops Monument Valley/Hunt’s Mesa workshop. It was led by renowned photographer LeRoy DeJolie, a Native American who is very familiar with the area. This workshop took us to Monument Valley several times, where we were able to photograph the Mittens, Totem Pole, and Yei Bi Chei.

IMG_9679-editedThe Mittens at Sunrise

IMG_0721-editedTotem Pole and Yei Bi Chei
We also were given a special treat when we were able to meet with Effie Yazzie and take photos of her herding her sheep with her dogs by Ear of the Wind.

IMG_0946-editedEffie and her dog Molly at Ear of the Wind arch

During the 5-day workshop, we also visited Mystery Valley and Teardrop Arch, as well as Agathla Peak.
IMG_0585-editedTeardrop Arch

IMG_9511-edited-bwAgathla Peak

The highlight of the trip, however, was the night we spent on Hunt’s Mesa. This mesa that overlooks Monument Valley is difficult to get to on one’s own, and requires a Navajo guide. The view is breathtaking, and our tents were set up so that we were able to awaken to the wonder that is Monument Valley.
IMG_0100-editedHunt’s Mesa – The view of Hunt’s Mesa from our tents.

LeRoy DeJolie was very helpful to all participants, sharing insider tips and tricks to get better images. This workshop is being offered again this May, and space is still available. You can find the details about it here: Don’t miss out on an amazing experience!

Megan Galope is a trip leader for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.