Jerome on the Run

Author: Megan Galope

I am a photographer, but I’m also a runner. My favorite place to run is on the trails—I love the scenery, the mountains, and all the plant life. This can pose an issue at times, when the photographer in me comes out while I’m running. As much as I’d love to have my DSLR with me at these moments, it’s not practical. My solution to this is to carry my phone with me while I run (which also comes in handy in case of emergency). The general nature of trails lends itself to more difficult running—many more ups and downs. Having my phone camera gives me a good excuse to stop and rest when I need it.

This past weekend, my running buddy Erin and I ran the Jerome Hill Climb—a grueling 4.5 mile race with unrelenting uphill. I knew the scenery would be beautiful and that I’d need excuses to rest, so I brought my phone with me. We made the run much more enjoyable by stopping to take selfies and appreciate the views.

Image 1Running is always more fun with a buddy

Image 3

There were beautiful views along the way

Image 2

Megan Galope is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.