Is there an Artist inside?

By John Frelich

Do you find something lacking in your photography? Are you envious of others who get great close-ups and macro photography? I know I am but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an excellent image in your portfolio or where you may be taking a trip, local or far away.

Seek out variations of images that you’ve seen and liked before in planning a shot. Below, I had seen some nice flamingo images in the past and liked the flow of the birds, their coloring and texture. So I went ahead and visited a zoo, saw something I really liked and submitted it for a contest. See below for the result.

In a recent workshop I saw the flow of manes of some Scandinavian horses and think I will wait until something associated with the image comes up in a contest. Keeping a portfolio of “fun” images sometimes “pays off.” If not, you can always please yourself.

John Frelich is a Volunteer with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops