Gear Review: Sirui ball head

siruiAuthor: Jeff Cox

I heard about the Sirui ball head at a workshop and it had a very good review on DP review. I found there are several different variations depending on the weight capability. The review gave the heavy duty one five stars because it performed as well as the others but was much less expensive.

I decided to try the one rated at 44lbs. because I don’t use really heavy cameras and/or lenses. There are three knobs; one for the locking plate, a large one for the ball and a smaller knob or panning. The release plate is adjustable for different cameras with the ability to slide and has a strap loop that could be used. The ball head has three types of levels. These are best used prior to attaching the camera.

I have used this with a couple of different lenses so far. The heaviest being a 100-400 on my Sony A77.

The quick release plate uses the standard  Arca Swiss type plates.

Friction and Locking Knob have a small screw dial on it. This allows the user to set the friction amount and is easily turned with the thumb. The friction setting will help prevent the camera from flopping around when loosing the knob.

The camera is easily moved around and tightening is simple with no slippage or movement. My camera is rock solid on the ball head and the tripod. In conclusion, for the price I feel the Sirui ball head is as good or better than some that cost twice as much.

Jeff Cox is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops