From Gran Quivira to Taos along the Turquoise Trail

Author: Jack Jordan
All images copyright Jack Jordan


Last Summer, I had the amazing opportunity to join adventure photographer Kerrick James and a dozen other photographers on a photography workshop presented by Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.  I found the workshop to be a perfect meld of culture, history and expert photographic instruction by Kerrick!  We began our adventure at the Salinas Pueblos, partially restored 17th Century ruins Southeast of Albuquerque.  I was struck by the proximity of the 17th Century Spanish churches to the earlier native settlements.  Along the Turquoise Trail, we discovered the quaint artist colony of Madrid.  I had fun photographing brightly colored doors and windows!  At Pecos National Monument, I had the rare opportunity of climbing down a ladder into a kiva to photograph its interior!  In contrast, I climbed up a ladder to photograph the face-like dwellings carved into a rock cliff at Bandelier!  The Church of Santuario in the village of Chimayo provided us with a contrast with the earlier Spanish churches we saw at Salinas.  I thought the Taos PowWow was a highlight (there were many) of our adventure!  I was totally absorbed in photographing the many colors and patterns of the ceremony.  I particularly enjoyed picking out the young children dressed in native dress!  At the conclusion of our workshop, we ate a delicious Southwestern dinner together, after which we had fun photographing  neon signs along Central Avenue after dark!  As I said, what an amazing opportunity to travel with Kerrick!


Jack Jordan is a retired professional photographer and an Arizona Highways Photo Workshop trip leader.