First Impressions of the Sony a6300

Author: Megan P Galope

I recently acquired a Sony a6300 mirrorless camera. I was interested in this camera due to its small size and weight, as I thought it would be a good camera to take with me while hiking or backpacking when extra weight makes a big difference. I generally shoot Canon, and I found the dials, buttons, and menus on the Sony relatively intuitive. I did notice that some of the buttons are rather sensitive, which can be a pain when trying to change settings and it doesn’t behave quite right. The button sensitivity became even more clear when I ended up with over 500 images from a weekend trip because I had accidentally turned on the white balance bracketing, which resulted in three images for every photo taken.

As for the quality of the images, I am pleased with the results. This is a 24.2 MP camera, which is sufficient for my needs. My images turned out sharp with good color:


Even the images in low light turned out nicely (this image was taken with ISO 1600):


Right now, the only lens I have is the 16-50mm kit lens. It was still able to handle macro images well:


The best thing about this camera is the fact that with its small size and weight, I’m more likely to have it with me when the photographic moment arises.

Megan Galope is a Trip Leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops
Twitter: @megangalope