Do we really need to carry that tripod?

Author David Goodell


Technology has advanced digital photography on all fronts, but an area that has shown one of the greatest leaps is image stabilization.

_1050291My camera, the Lumix GX8, has a dual image stabilization system which takes advantage of both the in-body image stabilizer as well as the optical image stabilizer in the lens. Reviews have reported sharp photos at one half second shutter speed.
Last week I took a Jeep trip in Colorado with a friend. All of these photos were taken while being bounced around the Jeep on roads which were rougher than any I have ever driven (or hiked). As we bounced my seat belt kept getting tighter and tighter.

Given the sharpness of the images, which were taken at ISO 200, I wonder if, in the near future, advances in image stabilization (and ISO) will allow us to leave our tripods at home when we do daylight photography.

David Goodell is a trip leader for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops