Conquering the Creative Block

Author: David Halgrimson

Have you ever gotten to the point where your creative photo eye just does not see anything? I have had my own dry spells, photographically that is. We look and look and even try a few shoots and it just does not feel right. Well sometimes we need to just take a break, relax take the pressure off and it will come back. Other times it is better to drive or force yourself to get up get out and find something to take pictures of.

In one case the Arizona Highways Photo Workshops group gave us volunteers a challenge, for seven days go out and just shoot one thing and only take one shot. For me, I thought well where would I go do that and how could I find seven different things, interesting things, over seven straight days?

I decided I would see what I could find right around my home, inside and out. These were right in my front and backyard and I never really saw them before.

So just do it, give yourself a challenge, pick up your camera and get out there. You will be surprised, as I was with the number of images right around your own home.


David Halgrimson is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.