Chihuly at the Desert Botanical Garden

By Jeff Insel

My wife and I visited the Desert Botanical Garden recently to see the Chihuly Exhibit on display throughout the garden. We went about 40 minutes before dusk as I wanted to photograph the pieces before it got real dark. We first visited the displays inside the Ottosen Gallery indoors while waiting for dusk. I was using my Sony A7iii full frame camera with a 28-70mm lens and ISO of 100 on a tripod. The pieces inside the Ottosen Gallery were mostly clamshell & reed type designs – most on glass surfaces so you had neat reflections.

In the desert on stands, 8 sec, f13, 30mm
Ottosen Gallery Centerpiece, 1.6sec, f5.0, 28mm
Blue Green Clamshell, 2.5 sec, f8.0, 61mm

We then left the Ottosen Gallery to begin photographing along the trails in the garden.

Sol del Citron 1/4sec, f13, 54mm
Red Reeds & Sliver of moon, .4sec, f13, 54mm
Fiori Boat, .5 sec, f5.0, 50mm

This exhibit runs through May 2022 and can also be seen at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West in Scottsdale. It’s interesting day or night, but at night the colors are more vibrant. It’s free for members, non-members pay a fee. Reservations are required but easily done on the website.

Jeff Insel is a Photo Guide with Arizona Highways PhotoScapes