Post Processing

Photo credit Rick Jacobi

Long Exposures of 8 Minutes

By Rick Jacobi If you have water and or sky with clouds in a photo and want them to look really smooth, then you have to do a long exposure.  Eight minutes works really well for this type of photo. I...
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By Vicki Uthe I spent last spring break in Panama with my beautiful wife Ellen. I have nearly two thousand images to sort through and I hope you are as excited to see them as I am to share them. I’m...
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By Suzanne Mathia LIGHTROOM CLASSIC – LIGHTROOM CC Lots of changes announced this week and confusion, worry and misinformation are rampant.  This happens with any new changes.  We all get very...
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Rainy Day Photography

By Sara Goodnick If your vacation comes with a few days of rain, look at it as a creativity challenge to your photography! We often visit Hawaii in the winter and every few years we will get some rain...
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Revisit Your Old Photos

Author Beth Ruggiero-York While culling images last week, I began to see potential in some of my older images that I had discounted long ago but never deleted. So I started looking at the old images w...
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